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If you’ve ever met her, you might have a hard time believing Tammy was a shy child. She grew up as a pastor’s kid, which meant moving from one small Kansas town to another. Making friends was difficult so she spent most of her time creating stories in her mind.  In all of those imaginings, the heroines were always strong, brave and all the things she never thought she could be.


Years of growing and learning of God’s love taught her she could be all things she imagined, and so could the heroine’s in her written stories. Tammy enjoys writing edgy characters who find strength in their faith to face their most terrible fears.


Tammy's two biggest dreams were being a mother and becoming a Harlequin author. After raising four children and homeschooling them until high school, she was able to devote more time to pursue the writing dream. On July 2, 2014, Tammy received ‘the call’ through her participation in the online pitch event, KillerVoices, and became a Love Inspired Suspense author.


Tammy is a small town girl at heart and now lives in rural Kansas community with a few dogs, chickens and goats. Her children are grown and she's settling into the grandparenting years and all the joy this time in her life will bring. When not busy writing, her favorite pastimes are fishing, online gaming, watching clouds and chasing summer storms. A glass of sweet tea and a new story are never far away.
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